A Watch for True Adventurers!!

The Yema Bipole Duopoly is a watch that was specially created in 1989 for the International Transantarctic Expedition organized by explorers Dr Jean-Louis Etienne and Will Steger. This expedition would become a successful 220 day, 3,741 mile journey by a group of six and a team of dogs!

A total of 1,500 watches were created of this adventurers watch, which means that it is a very limited edition. The watch offered here is one of them and still in a very, very good condition. I would say it is in near-NOS condition.

The set comes complete with all packaging, manual, tag, spare screws, screwdrivers and both the faux leather strap as well as the red velcro expedition strap.

The titanium case has a diameter of 48 mm with no scratches whatsoever, in addition also the front and back sapphire crystals are scratch free.

Needless to say that the watch keeps excellent time.

For more cool details on the background and history of this unique watch make sure you read this nice article by Fratello Magazine: LINK

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