The Most Iconic Heuer Chronograph

Carrera makes people think of three different things but whether its the car, the race or the watch they all have racing and motorsports in common.

The Heuer Carrera is probably Jack Heuer’s most iconic sports chronograph, named after the famous and extremely dangerous Carrera Panamericana race through Mexico.

This Carrera ref. 3647D was originally called the Carrera 45 because the minute register measures forty-five-minute increments, and is powered by the equally iconic Valjoux 92 chronograph movement which keeps excellent time and winds smoothly. However the Ed Heuer signed movement isn’t the only thing that makes this watch stand out, though.

The double subsidiary register dial with its unusual decimal track is what really sets it apart from the rest of the Carreras. The blue decimeter scale has a clean aesthetic that adds a very nice touch of color to the watch.

The watch still has its original pushers and correct, unsigned crown and the 36mm steel case looks and feels like it hasn’t been polished and shows little to no wear from use.

This watch is being offered on behalf of a very good friend. If you are interested in buying please let me know and I will send you his contact details!