So what’s the story behind Dutch Watch Classics?

Dutch Watch Classics is for me a way of extending and sharing my hobbies and passions!

My name is Marc and I am from the south-eastern countryside of The Netherlands. Ever since my early youth I’ve been fascinated by watches and I still remember my first ‘real’ watch which was a Prisma quartz chronograph which I bought from my first salary. It was a cool piece with a black dial and rotating bezel. Little did I know then that my interest in watches would later turn into a hobby and then a passion.

Things started to become more serious after I bought a late 1800’s Waltham pocket watch on eBay. This was a great piece and it was cool to occasionally wear this instead of a wristwatch. But alas, I didn’t use a watch chain and after a few weeks it fell out of my pocket and hit the floor, thus breaking the movement. So that was the end of the pocket watch, or so I thought. I decided to put it up for sale online in order to recover some of the cost, but instead of covering the costs I was actually offered a price that was more than what I paid for it myself. Imagine that…

So I bought another pocket watch and again managed to sell it and then I could buy two! I decided to keep one and sell the other and the foundation of a collection was laid. After this things sped up rapidly and at one point I have more that 50 pocket watches in my collection and some as old as the mid 1700s with hand made verge movements. These were really beautiful pieces and I wish I still had pictures of them because they are all gone now.

Having so many nice pocket watches is great, but wristwatches are so much more practical. So I sold my entire collection and started looking at wristwatches. Soon I was hooked again and from the funds that I had from selling my pocket watches I started buying wristwatches, vintage ones of course!

As my watch friends know I mainly like the unusual and odd sporty watches and have a special love for the smaller details, and anything that makes a vintage chronograph, diver or other sporty or tool watch stand out from the crowd.

However as with every collection I want to keep adding nice pieces and this means that sometimes nice watches have to go to other passionate collectors again.

And that’s where this website comes in. I now have a nice means besides watch forums and Instagram so showcase my watches, share my interests and occasionally sell a watch.

So what about ‘And More…’ ?

That’s a good question!

The fact of the matter is that I do not only like vintage watches, I actually like a lot more things that are vintage and cool. Everything related to Art Deco, classic motor-sports and items that are just unusual and cool I like and often buy. And yes, you guessed right, sometimes items have to go again in order to help me fund other items. After all, nothing is more fun than the continuous hunt for new purchases and cool finds 🙂

That’s a lot of interests, is there anything else you like?

Yes, besides vintage, unusual watches and other cool stuff I also like classic cars and rallying. I currently own two classic cars, a modified 1975 MG-B that is mainly used for historic rallying and since recently a 1972 Land Rover Series III that I bought from the first owner where it has been sitting in a barn for the last 10 years. This Land Rover will be my project during the next few years!

I hope that you like what you are seeing on this website and also hope that you come back regularly as I plan on adding more watches, cool stuff and fun information as we go along!!



Dutch Watch Classics


Even Johan Cruyff wore a Prisma

Waltham Pocket Watch

My other passion!